Schools and Education

Schools and Education

Clean, Disinfect, and Eliminate Contamination with Our School Cleaning Products

At EnviroCare, we understand that schools are at a high risk of harbouring dirt and germs. We also realize that much like our homes, our schools too require deep cleaning. That’s why we have brought to you a carefully selected range of cleaning products that help you maintain high standards of hygiene at educational facilities at all times.

With highly effective cleaning formulas, your janitorial staff can keep classrooms, restrooms, kitchen, cafeteria, common rooms, libraries, and all other spaces polished, fresh, and neat as a new pin. Wash your hands with our liquid hand soaps to minimise the spread of germs. Keep your toilet bowls and flush plates spotlessly clean, your floors dirt-free, and your carpets without stains with clean-up supplies from EnviroCare.

Why Envirocare is the Absolute Best in School Cleaning Products?

On any school day, a lot of learners of all ages spend a considerable time here. It is mandatory that they experience impeccable cleanliness as long as they are at school. Trust our disinfectants, solvents, and degreasers to provide you with a thorough sanitization. With a wide range of EnviroCare supplies, you can enjoy a quick spot-cleaning as well as carefully planned weekly washing.

With cleaners made with anti-microbial elements and powerful cleansing components, you can not only protect your janitorial staff but also learners and visitors from exposure to contaminants, pollutants, and filth. In addition, our commercial cleaning products are eco-friendly – they do not release toxic waste to the planet.

Our clients are located far and wide and this ever expanding family trusts us for our client-centred values such as:

  • Effective cleaning with the best cleaning products for schools
  • Easy ordering with online catalogue and swift delivery
  • Attractive prices for bulk buying
  • Eco-friendly products for safe handling
  • Reliable post-sales assistance

Place an Order for the Best Cleaning Products for Schools

Not all cleaning products are created equal. For all-round cleaning at affordable rates, EnviroCare is your one-stop solution. In addition, we offer you a refund if you do not find any items meeting your expectations. We also provide cleaning supplies for government facilities.

We are always ready to listen to any doubts you might have on cleaning educational facilities. Our friendly experts can recommend the best products to suit your needs and help you design a cleaning plan that effectively sanitises your premises as well as keeps your operational costs low. Place your order for effective school cleaning products and they will be delivered right to your doorstep.

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