Restaurants and Cafes

Restaurants and Cafes

One-Stop Solution for all Restaurant Cleaning Challenges with Safe and Effective Cleaning Products

At EnviroCare, we understand the hygiene challenges that come with running a full scale restaurant. From managing orders from hungry patrons to living up to their high standards, café and eatery owners have their hands full. That’s why we want to share the load of keeping your kitchens, dining, and restroom areas impeccably fresh with our amazing range of cleaning products. All our items are stocked online so you can find them in one place, saving yourself time and money.

Check out our kitchen cleaners, dishwashing solutions, disinfectants, carpet stain removers, toilet and bathroom cleaners, air fresheners, and dispensers – in short, everything that makes your restaurant spotlessly clean, sanitised, and safe for both your staff and your customers.  Available in different sizes and packaging, everything comes together to fight spots, spills, and stains.

What Makes Our Café Cleaning Products Stand Out from the Rest?

First, we do not dilute our cleaners. Second, they are included in the final range after rigorous research. And third, the majority of them are biodegradable. What does this mean for your cleaning requirements? First, we have more cleaning agent per package, not more water or solvent based. Second, only the best cleaners are used at your facility. And third, you contribute towards a greener earth.

All our items are sold in varying sizes, so you can buy as little or as much as you want. Additionally, for bulk purchases, you can take advantage of our special rates. With EnviroCare, we strive to keep your cleaning costs low. Our products are perfect for small cafes as well as large resorts and leisure places.

Because the first thing anyone is going to notice about your restaurant is its fresh, clean, hygienic appearance, we ensure you are always armed with:

  • Sustainable café cleaning products that fight tough stains, grease, spills and also disinfects
  • Cooperative and knowledgeable executives
  • Quick, timely delivery at your doorstep
  • Special purchase rates for bulk order
  • Availability all over Australia

Place Your Order Today for a Money Back Guarantee on Our Eco Friendly Café Cleaning Products

Our cleaning range meets all standards of quality and safety. That’s why our nationwide family of satisfied clients regularly recommends our services. However, if you are, in any way, dissatisfied with the performance of the item you’ve paid for, we guarantee you a refund.

We are always here to help you make the right choice in selecting cleaning products according to your cleaning needs. If you have any questions about our services, we would love to hear them. We also offer household and domestic cleaners.

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