Resort and Leisure

Resort and Leisure

Sparkly Clean Leisure Facilities with First Class Leisure Cleaning Supplies

Achieve a thoroughly clean and sanitised resort with our exceptional range of cleaning supplies. At EnviroCare, we understand how important it is to maintain hygienic conditions with guests around. That’s why we have come up with a line of products that meet all your cleaning challenges for resorts as well as restaurants and cafes. Fight tough stains and keep your lobby, conference rooms, kitchen and dining, and restrooms free from odour, dirt, or spills.

Cleaning supplies like air fresheners, disinfectants, floor and tile washers, dishwashing liquids, and carpet stain removers ensure that the interior and exterior of your resort or fitness and health centre look and feel as good as new. We also provide personal care products such as body washes, moisturisers, and shampoo for the wellbeing of your guests.

Why Envirocare is the Answer to Your Resort Cleaning Difficulties?

We take our role as a cleaning products provider very seriously. Apart from curating the finest items, we offer a special rate for bulk orders which helps lower your operational costs. In addition, we refrain from diluting our cleaners and disinfectants, giving you more cleaning for the same price.

But perhaps what we consider the best reason that clients rely on us is that we choose, pack, and deliver our products responsibly. Our sustainable hotel cleaning products do not pose any risk to the environment. They are also safe to use and as such do not risk exposing your staff or guests to health hazards.

Our services are regularly used by many clients nationwide and this family has only expanded. There are five main reasons for this:

  • Exceptional cleaning provided by top-of-the-line eco-friendly resort cleaning products
  • Bulk buying options at attractive prices
  • Ease of ordering and rapid delivery
  • Friendly, dedicated customer relationship
  • Reliable post-sales support

Call Us Today to Receive a Money Back Guarantee on Your Resort Cleaning Solutions Order

Our engagement with you does not end with the sale of our products. We are always pushing our boundaries to incorporate the latest innovations in cleaning technology into our product range.  In the rare case that an item does not work satisfactorily, we guarantee you a refund.

Help us understand your cleaning needs better. Our friendly customer support team is ready with recommendations that can totally change the way you look at cleaning resorts and leisure facilities. Our goal is to offer you quick and complete cleaning that impress your clients and keep your cleaning chores low-cost. Contact us for high quality eco-friendly cleaning supplies.

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