Personal Care

Personal Care

Treat Yourself to Affordable Luxury with Personal Cleaning Products from EnviroCare

Personal care is an often ignored aspect of today’s fast-paced life. With work commitments and small chores taking up most of your time, you end up paying little attention to your personal needs. That’s why EnviroCare has brought to you a hand-picked range of personal cleaning items to help you pamper your senses and wash off the stress. Try out our gentle formulations that do not irritate the skin in any way.

Mildly fragrant shampoos clean dry, coarse hair and keep them tangle-free. Full of restorative herbal extracts, moisturisers help to soften skin. Conditioning agents smooth out your tresses and make them more manageable. Try our body washes for a luxurious showering experience and enjoy soft herbal scents. Use hand soaps to clear out grit and germs.

What Separates Personal Cleaning Products from EnviroCare from the Average Cleaner?

It’s quite simple really. It is our focus on delivering the finest experience to you that has inspired us to put together our personal care range. And it starts with eco-friendly formulations. Our domestic products do not contain noxious constituents or their derivatives, which means they are greener choices. We don’t want to further pollute nature. It means you don’t worry about skin conditions arising out of their use.

We have an amazing family of satisfied clients to back up our claim. And this family is steadily expanding. We realise how important personal hygiene is for you and so we’ve developed intimate care items that help you remove pollutants, dirt, debris, oil, impurities, and pathogens from your person. Suitable for most skin and hair types, these products help you look and feel your best.

Here are a few things our clients like about our personal care and other products:

  • Body wash, moisturisers, and other personal cleaning products
  • Eco friendly and safe to use ingredients
  • Online ordering and doorstep delivery
  • Professional cleaning for your home
  • Special rates for bulk purchase

Get household cleaning and personal care products at unbeatable prices and enjoy a money back guarantee

All our products are available at very affordable rates. And since they are not diluted with solvents, you actually get more product quantity for every pack you purchase. Wait it gets better. If you buy in large quantities, you can enjoy even lower rates. Plus, if any cleaner is not up to your standards, you are eligible to get a refund. No questions asked.

We are specialists when it comes to all-round cleaning solutions. From government facilities to schools, from hospitals to resorts – everyone uses our cleaners. There is no reason why you should be left behind. Connect with us today.

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