Government and Council

Government and Council

Get Best Cleaning Supplies for Government Facilities from EnviroCare

EnviroCare understands the need to keep large, frequently used, and strategically important places like government facilities fully functional at all times. Delays and distractions due to a contaminated kitchen or a dirty restroom should be the last thing on your mind. That’s why with our complete range of cleaning products, we ensure that local and federal offices can maintain hygienic work conditions at all times.

Clean, bleach, eliminate odour, and keep contagions at bay with EnviroCare. Through continuous research and development, we have developed a wide range of cleaning products needed by the janitorial staff: disinfectants, toilet and bathroom cleaners, antibacterial hand washes, liquid soaps, floor cleaners and spill removers, solvents and degreasers, and an assortment of bottles and attachments to dispense the cleaners.  And the best part is we are eco-friendly and do not pollute the planet. Whether you’re looking for cleaning supplies for your fitness and health centre or manufacturing unit, we have all the right products.

How Cleaning Supplies for Government Facilities help Clean Shared Spaces with a Heavy Footfall

The biggest challenge for cleaning staff is to maintain the same level of hygiene and sanitation at all times. With high footfall, comes a high load of germs, dirt and debris, grime, mould, and stains. And if left untreated for long, a general sense of squalor. Nobody likes that. Of course, you want the facility to be clean and sparkly. We can do that.

EnviroCare is here with its wide-ranging cleaning products that are the real superheroes in this fight against filth. Dissolve oils, remove carpet stains, clear off accidental spills with absorbent clay, and eliminate mould with our specially formulated cleaning products. Enjoy an odour-free lasting freshness all day long.

Some of the most popular cleaning products in our arsenal include:

  • Toilet and bathroom cleaning supplies for government facilities
  • Disinfectants and air fresheners
  • Solvents, greasers, and spill containment products
  • industrial hand cleaners
  • Appropriate bottles and dispensers to store and pour cleaning agents from

Take Advantage of Special Rates and Money Back Guarantee on Cleaning Supplies for Government Facilities

Our cleaning products are available in large quantities. Apart from taking care of large scale cleaning, bulk packaging enables us to reduce packaging waste. All orders are available online and delivered at your doorstep, no matter where you are in Australia.

As a family-owned Australian business, we are as much known for our effective cleaning product range as for our reliable customer service. Connect with us for first-class cleaning products that enable your staff to effectively clean up government facilities.

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