Deodourising and Disinfectants

Deodourising and Disinfectants

Hospital Grade Disinfectants that Offer Spotless Cleaning and Prevent the Spread of Pathogens

EnviroCare cleaning products are regularly used in hospitals, restaurants, schools and colleges, leisure facilities, and resorts. They help keep surfaces sparklingly clean and completely disinfected. Our deodorisers remove unpleasant smells resulting from dirt and mould. These products are non-hazardous to use and are safer than most disinfectants available in the market these days.

Keep contagion at bay with first-class sanitising products. Every year, hundreds of people are affected by infectious diseases due to a lack of sanitisation. Not even the healthcare staff is spared. Often patients undergoing treatment at medical facilities catch a germ from dirty bathrooms. Plus, surfaces that are touched by too many people in too little time quickly become the epicentre of infection. Hence, switching to powerful disinfectants is the wisest solution. We ensure your bathrooms and medical facilities stay clean.

What do Cleaning and Sanitising Products from Envirocare add to Your Sanitisation Schedules?

Regular use of disinfectants is essential for protecting everyone’s health. That’s why we avoid thinning our cleaners with other solvents. Less is indeed more in this case as you can achieve very high standards of freshness with very little product. Use it in any proportion you like. You are well-stocked at all times so don’t worry about emergencies.

The average disinfectant is a health hazard but our products are safer alternatives. They are biodegradable and do not expose anyone to toxic chemicals. They are fully compliant with local regulations. Also, unlike other labels, EnviroCare bleaches do not damage the surface they clean. High-use spots like toilet bowls, bathroom floors, doorknobs and handles, flush plates and so are given intensive washing. So, get rid of waste residues and kill germs in one fell swoop.

What we bring to our clients:

  • Germ-kill and odour control through hospital-grade disinfectant cleaners
  • Easy online ordering and doorstep delivery
  • Easy refunds
  • Helpful customer relations and reliable post-sales support
  • Available everywhere in Australia

Get the best hospital grade disinfectant or get your money back. Contact us today

From hand sanitiser products to large-scale cleaners, we specialise in a wide range of cleaning agents and supplies. We are a quality-first business and hence the customer can request a refund if any product fails its quality test.

A growing family of satisfied clients is fast discarding their old cleaners in our favour. There is no reason you can’t. Choose safe, eco-friendly, effective disinfectants, and deodorisers from EnviroCare today.

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