Our Testimonials


I’ve been using quite a few different products over the last few weeks and I have to say i’m quite impressed! At first i was a little skeptical as I was worried about buying in bulk in case I didn’t like the products, but I’m glad that I took the plunge to buy the products! My cupboards are much tidier as I no longer h…ave lots of little bottles, I only have a few larger bottles and I’m saving so much money! My house smells so lovely everytime I wash my clothes and do housework. I will most certainly continue to purchase my cleaning products from your company and will recommend your products to everyone I know!
Rachael Attard
I was recommended Envirocare Products by my sister. Having read about the company, and what it offers customers, I purchased a number of cleaning products. I absolutely love the results it produces. And I have used it ever since. Living in country NSW, I also loved the convenience of it being delivered to my doorstep, and with such promptness. I certainly highly recommend Envirocare for busy families who want value for money for a quality product.
Donna Parker
 This product is great, wish it was around when my kids were little would of saved a fortune on Napisan. I still use Napisan but no more this Nappy Soaker does the same job and great additive for the towels and tea towels. Buying it in the 5kg I save $50 so win win win.
Maryanne Kotkis
 Great products. Fantastic service. Highly recommended.
Carmen Teuma
I have five kids and one is a daughter with very long and very thick hair. We were going through so much shampoo and conditioner that I was sick of wasting so much money on all these products so I decided to try Envirocares coconut shampoo and conditioner to save money. I have to say I didn’t tell my daughter or she would have had a heart attack but she actually came out of the shower and said “mum I love the new shampoo and conditioner look how soft my hair is”. She was so impressed and it’s now been two weeks and she still asks me to feel how soft her hair is. I’m so impressed that I am also using it and wish I could have discovered it years ago and I just had to share. Thanks Envirocare, love love love your products and can’t wait to try your other stuff.
I was recommended Envirocare by a friend and decided to have a look at the website. The prices represented excellent value so I made the decision to take the gamble and purchase a sample basket of items. Not only were the products great value but the quality was equivalent to the much more expensive big brand items I was previously purchasing. Better still they were delivered right to my front door, quickly and hassle free. I’m certainly glad I made the decision to have a look at the website and will be definitely be using Envirocare for all my future cleaning needs.
Andrew Paulinski
I have personally known Ray Borg of Envirocare for 20 years.Whenever we need a stock up on products, Envirocares service is second to none. There service is excellent as is there punctuality.When they say we are going to get our delivery in the morning, without a doubt we have the products on our doorstep that morning.
Envirocares products are the best we have used, there finish is superior and is what we and our customers expect.
Envirocare pays close attention to customer service, and i am a very pleased customer.
I have no hesitation in recommending Envirocare, Ray and his team.
Steve and Tommi Popovic