Other Laundry Aids

Other Laundry Aids
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Prewash Stain Remover
Clear spray stain remover/soaker with no fragrance. This product can be used in two ways: ..
Liquid Bleach 12.5%
Powerful full strength germ cleaning bleach for removing stubborn stains. Effective for clean..
Liquid Bleach 6%
Ideal for use in areas where heavy-duty concentrate is required such as restaurants, hotels and m..
Liquid Bleach 4%
Excellent in killing germs, cleaning, brightening, softening, removal of stains and other househo..
Washing Soda
Can be used in the wash to boost alkaline. ..
Sodium Bicarbonate Soda
Can be added to your wash as an alkaline builder. ..
Used as an oxidant in bleaching paper pulp, cotton, cotton/synthetic blends and wool fabrics. ..