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Robot 90
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Robot 90 is designed for the removal of rust, oil, paint, grease and carbon in a hot tank solution or in a ultrasonic tank.

For most paint stripping and degreasing operations, ROBOT 90 should be used at a concentration of 50-100g per litre of water at 80-95 C.
ROBOT 90 Should be used at a concentration of 100-200 grams per litre of water at 85-95C.
For the removal of rust from ferrous metals.
Note: While making solutions, add small amounts with care to the surface of solution while stirring slowly to avoid violent spattering 

ROBOT 90  can be dissolved in hot and cold water then applied by brush, spray or used in an immersion tank for components. Powder may also be sprinkled on pre-wetted floors, allowed to soak for an hour then hosed off with water. Soak Tank: Use at a concentration of 120g to 250g per 5 litres of water in a mild steel tank fitted with a suitable heating medium (electric immersion heaters if used should be mild steel clad). Factory floor cleaning: 120g to 170g per 5 litres of water. Canteen equipment cleaning: Manual washing - 60g per 5 litres of water Washing machines - 30g per 5 litres of water Steam cleaning - in ramjet applications use 50g to 120g per 5 litres of water.

If swallowed DO NOT induce vomiting, give a glass of water and seek medical advice. If skin contact occurs, remove contaminated clothing and wash skin thoroughly. If in eyes, hold eyes open and flood with water for at least 15 minutes and see a doctor.

Warning: Corrosive. Risk of serious damage to eyes.  Causes severe burns.  Avoid contact with skin and eyes.  Wear suitable gloves and  eye/face protection. may give off harmful gases if mixed with other products.

U.N. Number 3262
Dangerous Goods Class  8
Hazchem Code 2X
Packaging Group II

Treat as corrosive material.  For more details refer to MSDS.

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