Floor Care

Floor Care
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Concrete Floor Cleaner
Ideal for mechanical workshop floors, driveways and garages. Its got the power to remover oil and..
Ammonia Free Floor Cleaner
High performace water based floor cleaner . Leaves floors clean with a zesty lime fragr..
Multi-Purpose Cleaner
Multi-purpose cleaner, spray & wipe application. Ideal for all sufaces e.g. table tops, b..
Floor Cleaner
Removes most soil from hard surfaces leaving tiles shiny and clean. Capable of handling most ..
Top Speed Floor Sealer
The all in one high solids sealer. High gloss acrylic polymer with high performance using 200..
Spray Buff
Economical spray cleaner and spray shine for floors, brilliant gloss builder and black mark remov..
Wasp & Polish
High performace cleaning liquid, which improves gloss. Wasp is suitable for most floor surfac..
Super Floor Stripper
A high performace water based floor stripper to break down hard sealed surfaces quickly and econo..
A low foam cleaner for supermarket and timber floors with unique advantage in neutralizing alkali..
F.C. Neutral Kleen Powder
F.C. Neutral Kleen is a Highly concentrated detergent manufactured and supplied in powder form to..