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Garbage Bin Treat
A heady duty all in one, biodegradable degreaser, disinfectant and deodoriser. Kills germs an..
RE160 - All Purpose Cleaner
All in one highly concentrated heavy duty cleaner for removal of fat and grease from kitchens, ca..
Graffiti Remover
A heavy duty texta and paint remover. Contains a complex blend of several solvents for maximu..
Alkaline Degreaser
Non-caustic high concentrate cleaner/degreaser ideal in removing grease, oil, grime and fat from ..
Cellar Clean
A powerful bacteriostat for cleaning and removing moulds, blood stains and soil off cellar walls,..
Alka kleen
A heavy duty detergent designed for a multitude of cleaning jobs. Can be used for removal of ..
Safe Degreaser
This industrial degreaser effectively replaces corrosive caustic cleaners and solvent type degrea..
Cool Blue Sanitiser
Surface sanitiser for food contact surfaces and work areas. ..
Scouring Powder (Powdered Cleanser)
Heavy duty chlorinated abrasive powder for cleaning stainless steel, porcelain surfaces and remov..
Chewing Gum Remover
A unique product formulated for the removal of chewing gum off carpets and upholstery. Can also r..
Jack Ammoniated Detergent
Ammoniated hard surface cleaner. Heavy duty general purpose cleaner, containing ammonia - a p..
Ph-7 (Multi-functional Spray and Wipe)
Ph-7 has been developed as a pH neutral product for nursing homes and hospitals to reduce skin al..
Sprinkle Fresh
A dry scented powder containing odour absorbers and anti-static ingredients. May safely be us..
Fly and Bug Deterent Spray n Wipe
A product designed for outdoors. Cleans hard surfaces and deters flies, cockroches and mosqui..
Rapid Window Cleaner
For windows inside and outside dries quicker than standard window cleaner. ..