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Sprinkle Fresh
A dry scented powder containing odour absorbers and anti-static ingredients. May safely be us..
Fly and Bug Deterent Spray n Wipe
A product designed for outdoors. Cleans hard surfaces and deters flies, cockroches and mosqui..
Rapid Window Cleaner
For windows inside and outside dries quicker than standard window cleaner. ..
Robot 90
Robot 90 is designed for the removal of rust, oil, paint, grease and carbon in a hot tank solutio..
Ultimate (all purpose cleaner)
Multi-functional cleaner ideal for cleaning almost everything from bench tops, windows, clothes, ..
Window Cleaner
Spray & wipe glass cleaner, non-streak formula. Leaves glass, chrome, laminate and most s..
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Methylated Spirits
Glass And hard surface general cleaner. ..
Mould Remover
Ideal for cleaning mould off outdoor areas where mildew is produced such as damp areas, roof tile..
Cleaning Vinegar
Industrial grade. Effective for killing most mould, bacteria, and germs, due to its level of ..
Pure Pan
Pure Pan is a specially designed product for sanitising and deodorising portable toilets. Its..
Cloudy Ammonia
Suitable for laundering. Cleaning the old fashined way. ..
Sugar Soap Powder
This product acts as a mild powdered detergent enabling you to wash walls and other surfaces in p..
Ideal for kitchen, restaurants and other areas where food is present. Has no odour to minimiz..
Sugar Soap Liquid
This product acts as a mild liquid detergent enabling you to wash walls and other surfaces in pre..
Orange Splash
A concentrated universal orange based spray and wipe cleaner/degreaser with d'limonene and vegeta..
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