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Auto Care
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Brake Cleaner
Brake cleaner is formulated to flush and degrease automotive brake components, such as callipers,..
Shiner (Silicone based tyre shine)
A blend of silicone oils designed to leave a beautiful long lasting, high gloss coating on tyres ..
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Overcoat (Water based tyre shine)
A non silicone version of shiner, designed for use where the presence of silicone is not desired ..
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Vinyl Gloss
A silicone dressing designed for interior use. Safe for use on all vinyl and rubber surfaces...
Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo
Formulated for effective wet vacuuming of automotive carpets, upholstery fabrics and vinyl. ..
RE160 - All Purpose Cleaner
All in one highly concentrated heavy duty cleaner for removal of fat and grease from kitchens, ca..
Magwheel Cleaner
Designed for safe cleaning practice on alloy rims. ..
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Window Cleaner
Spray & wipe glass cleaner, non-streak formula. Leaves glass, chrome, laminate and most s..
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Alloy Clean
Aluminium and stainless steel cleaner. Not recommended for food contact surfaces. Highly ..
Leather Cleaner
An effective formula for daily or regularly cleaning, removing grime, dirt, stains from leather l..
Methylated Spirits
Glass And hard surface general cleaner. ..
A low foam cleaner for supermarket and timber floors with unique advantage in neutralizing alkali..
Rust Remover
ideal for all rusty surfaces. ..
Eze Blast Away
Water based degreaser ideally suited for high pressure applications. Will not affect duco or ..
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Barrel Wash (Concrete Mixer Cleaner)
An acid and detergent mix designed for the fast and efficient removal of concrete from agitator b..